Andy Bianchini & Rivas (BR) - Disconap


Sound engineers Andy Bianchini and Rivas (BR), are dropping their first release on Mixmash Deep. The two Mixmash Records newbies have worked on an uplifting and uptempo deep house track that takes you back to those perfect Ibiza nights and vibes. But do not let the title fool you, ‘Disconap’ is anything but a nightcap!

Dream Team from Brazil

Andy, who has been exploring and broadening his musical taste since he was fourteen, already gained support from the likes of Afrojack, Don Diablo, Martin Garrix and many others. Rivas (BR) is hailing from Sao Paulo, and has been on the Mixmash Records radar as a talented, fast rising star. When the two teamed up it became clear there was instant studio chemistry resulting in their massive first release on the label.
Getting down for your Disconap

The result of their collaboration is definitely not to be taken lightly. The overall feel of the track is uplifting and makes you want to grab a cocktail and turn up the volume to get down! With a drop that complements the topline perfectly, only time will tell when ‘Disconap’ is blasting through the speakers in your favorite bar, lounge or club.

About Mixmash Deep: With recent releases by Inpetto, Pnut & Jelly, HITS ’O’ GOOD and many more, Mixmash Deep has been building a steady catalog since making its debut in 2015.

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